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Jeep Celebrates 75 Years Of 4×4 Fighting And Fun

There are several versions of how the Jeep got its name. Some say it came from a character in Popeye cartoons, others say it comes from the Ford GP model Jeep (“GP” sounds like “Jeep”) and some say it was originally a military slang word “Peep” that got transformed into Jeep. Whether or not you buy any of these stories, the Jeep has its own history and it officially turns 75 this year.

Jeep Liberty Alignment Specs

The Liberty (2002-2007 KJ and 2008-2012 KK) was Jeep’s replacement for the Cherokee (XJ). The major changes from the Cherokee to the Liberty were an independent front suspension and trailing arm rear suspension. Compared to the Cherokee, the Liberty is actually easier to align.

Jeep Festival Breaks World Record

It’s official – Guinness World Records has confirmed that the Bantam Jeep Heritage Festival has reclaimed the world record for the Largest Parade of Jeeps!