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Tech Tip: KIA Barely Runs

Check the low-pressure pump (LPP) supply fuel pressure to the high-pressure pump (HPP).

Solving Hyundai Theta Turbocharged Engine Problems

Knowing the basics of turbocharged systems can serve you well in solving problems with turbo-equipped Hyundais.

Hyundai/KIA A8LR1 Transmission With Code P0841

After the transmission was installed, trouble code P0841 “Transmission Fluid Pressure Switch A Circuit Range” was logged.

Major Multi-Carline Software Release Available From Autologic

New software releases are available for DrivePro ES and DrivePro Users.

Kia Tech Tip: AWD System Hydraulic Actuator Replacement

This bulletin provides the procedure for replacement of the hydraulic actuator of some All-Wheel Drive (AWD)-equipped 2011-2016 Sportage trucks and AWD-equipped 2011-2015 Sorento models.

Hyundai/Kia Theta Engine Maintenance Essentials

The Hyundai Theta engine appeared in 2006 Sonata models and is going strong to this day in naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms in various Hyundai and Kia applications.

VIDEO: Idle Quality On Kia Vehicles

Andrew Markel discusses a recent TSB about idle quality on the Kia Sorento, and how the problem was solved at the alternator level.

Kia Tech Tip: New Part Cures EVAP Leaks

Working on a Kia Rio? There’s a new part that cures EVAP leaks on 2012-2017 Rio models.

Kia Preventive Maintenance

Kia continues to offer a reliable, affordable vehicle lineup that provides techs and shop owners with plenty of opportunities for maintenance and repair. In the spirit of servicing vehicles that continue to rack up miles through customer satisfaction with the brand, we’re going to focus on some common problems and maintenance items. It’s important to

2018 Kia Stinger Makes World Debut In Detroit

Kia’s dramatic new high-performance gran turismo – the Stinger – has snatched the spotlight at the North American International Auto Show – an event typically dominated by U.S. manufacturers.

Uncovering Unperformed Maintenance On Kia Vehicles

From a safety standpoint, it could be argued that the steering and suspension system on any car is the most critical. That’s why it’s so important that every Kia that goes on the lift gets a basic safety check. A good visual inspection takes only a couple of minutes but will provide huge benefits to both your shop and the customer. You also have the satisfaction of knowing you solved the problem and put the customer in a safer car.

Vehicle Safety Feature Study

A new, one-of-its kind study from the University of Iowa found that a majority of drivers expressed uncertainty about how many potentially life-saving vehicle safety technologies work. The survey also showed that 40 percent of drivers report that their vehicles have acted or behaved in unexpected ways.