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Livestream OnDemand: LED Lighting

Join the Experts from Summit Racing & Babcox Media’s Tech Group for a discussion about LED lighting today at 1PM EST.

Base Engine Analysis Quick Quiz

Some of the most difficult problems to diagnose are engine problems. There is NO scan tool that can tell you that you have a bad cam lobe on Cylinder #4! Take our 5 question quick quiz to test your knowledge of base engine problems and how to diagnose them using tools you already have in your shop.

Service Advisor Quick Quiz

Do you know how to deal with an insistent badgering customer or a price shopper? Take our five question quick quiz to test your knowledge on how to deal with the various types of people you’ll meet in your shop.

Modern Lubrication Quick Quiz

Kevin McCartney has compiled this quiz as an interesting challenge for anyone interested in the science behind modern automotive oils. Take the five question quiz now to test your comprehensive knowledge of oils and lubrication.

C1 Test Prep Quick Quiz

Like any ASE certification exam, the C1 Service Consultant test requires a great deal of preparation and demonstration of communication skills, sales skills, product knowledge, and an understanding of shop operations in order to pass the test. Take our five question quick quiz to fine tune your skills and prepare for the C1 certification exam!

Throttle By Wire Quick Quiz

Get to know your GM electronic throttle control (ETC) systems a little better. Test your knowledge of this system, including theory of operation, design variations, and ETC default codes, in our 5 question quick quiz.

Hybrid HVAC Systems Quick Quiz

Do you understand how the HVAC system carries out its job in the complex world of the hybrid vehicle? This quiz on Hybrid HVAC systems test your knowledge on the use of proper testing equipment, and what to look for when dealing with HVAC problems.

TPMS Quick Quiz

Since 2007, tire pressure monitoring (TPMS) systems are required on all vehicles in the US. Take our five question quiz to challenge your understanding of the new techniques and latest information on these systems.

MACS A/C Quick Quiz

A/C systems are constantly being updated with new technology and service procedures. Find out if you’re up to speed on the latest in mobile A/C systems with this five question quiz.

EVAP Quick Quiz

Do you know the proper testing procedures and how each component works in relation to real world conditions on the Ford Enhanced and Non-Enhanced EVAP systems, as well as Chrysler LDP and NVLD EVAP systems? Test your knowledge with this 5 question quiz.

Quick Quiz: Misfire Diagnostics

Some of the most frustrating codes for a technician to handle are the p 300s. Do you have the knowledge and confidence needed to handle your next misfire in your bay, by recognizing solutions for misfires and tough codes?

Quick Quiz: Toyota Hybrid

Hybrid vehicles have been around for a decade now and with millions of these vehicles on the road if you don’t already service hybrid vehicles in your shop, now is the time to start testing your knowledge.