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Tips For Replacing Lift Supports (Video)

Replacing a lift support doesn’t require much, but rushing to the end can cause you issues. Sponsored by StrongArm.

BendPak Makes Servicing EV Batteries Safer, More Efficient

Like the electric vehicles it supports, the SL24EVT EV battery pack and powertrain lifting system is battery-powered.

New Rotary Video Teaches Inground Lift Inspection And Maintenance Procedures

In the video, Ron Lainhart demonstrates daily inground lift inspection steps, including how to make sure the lift controls are in proper working order, ensuring the locks are engaging properly and checking for wear and tear on all the lift structural components.

ALI’s Updated Lifting It Right Lift Safety Training Now Available In Spanish And On Mobile

While the focus on lift safety is unchanged, the new course is thoroughly modernized, and can be taken online with a computer or mobile device.