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Component Connection: Belt Wear Diagnostics

Serpentine belts may last up to 100,000 miles before they need to be replaced. If a belt fails sooner, you need to be a detective and investigate why it failed.

TPMS Give & Take – Common TPMS Sensor Corrosion

For TPMS sensors, a harsh environment isn’t a requirement to see valve seizing corrosion take hold.

Tire pressure monitoring system sensor
Diagnosing Electrical Power Steering (EPS) Issues

Electric steering is a non-hydraulic system assisted by an electric motor operated by a software-driven power steering module.

March 2017 Crossword Puzzle

© Murray Jackson   ACROSS Engine’s lifeblood Engine bay brake system component Applied grease or oil Tech tasks, often Pneumatic tool need (3, 4) Adjust toe-in Unwanted 3-Down noise Trip meter buttons Auto ____, gearbox type abbr. With 7-Down, windshield star sealant Didn’t finish, at Indy Body work tool, ____ grinder Lug nut tool, perhaps

Oiling Systems For Grassroots Racing

Rules dictate what is and what isn’t allowed in all types of racing, whether grassroots or professional. Besides safety reasons, rules equalize the competition.

Update On R-1234yf Refrigerant

If you haven’t had a lot of experience dealing with R-1234yf yet, get ready. You’re going to steadily be seeing a lot more of this refrigerant in the coming years. Underhood Service magazine talked with ASE Executive Director of Special Projects Dave Cappert about R-1234yf updates and best practices techs need to know to be able to service these vehicles before one catches you off guard.