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Speaking Maintenance

One of the toughest components to sell as a maintenance item, or even a replacement item, is an oxygen sensor.

Lock Technology Offers O2 Sensor Removal Kit

The Shockit Socket O2 Sensor Removal Kit from Lock Technology features a low-profile design for limited access and long-profile design for deep recessed applications.

Access, Loosen And Remove Frozen O2 Sensors With LTI’s Kit

The kit includes a low-profile design for limited access and long profile design for deep recessed Ford, Toyota and Lexus applications.

Fuel Trims!

Understanding fuel trims is the gateway to diagnosing common emissions problems. However, before we begin to use this information, specific criteria must be met in order for the PCM to gather accurate information.

O2 Sensors Keep Watch Over The Air-Fuel Mixture

Keeping an eye on the air/fuel (A/F) mixture is an essential function of the engine management system because it affects emissions, fuel economy and performance.

Failing O2 Sensors Result In Increased Emissions And Fuel Consumption

The engine computer needs to know what the fuel mixture is with a high degree of precision so it can optimize fuel economy as well as emissions. If the information received by the powertrain control module (PCM) from its sensors is not accurate, it may command too much fuel or not enough.

OBD II O2 Slow Response Codes Technical Tip Clip

In this tech tip clip excerpt from the AVI class ‘Top 10 OBD 2 Codes: Fix Them Fast’ training program instructor Dave Scaler talks about slow response codes. Current generation o2 sensor heaters are controlled by the computer, and cars today go into closed loop faster than ever on todays cars. Dave talks about the two downsides of this situation and how they effect your diagnostic process. He goes on to further detail the diagnostic processes involved in solving O2 sensor slow codes.