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VIDEO: How To Install A Spin-On Oil Filter

Did you know an oil filter is the most commonly replaced component in a vehicle? This Q&A video is sponsored by WIX Filters.

VIDEO: Cartridge Oil Filter Replacement

Cartridge oil filters are becoming more common on import-nameplate vehicles. This video is sponsored by MAHLE.

Identifying And Fixing Heavy Duty Filter Issues

Today’s heavy-duty engines have evolved to incorporate modern technology and adhere to emissions regulations—which means their components have had to evolve with them. For technicians, this means that when an engine problem comes up, it’s not so simple to determine the root cause.

Why Oil Filters Matter To Extended Oil Change Intervals

Neglected oil change intervals can ruin the best engine oils and filters. As engine oil and the filter accumulate miles, they become contaminated with carbon, water and various acids, all of which are a byproduct of internal combustion that will form a film of black, gooey sludge on the interior parts of the engine.