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Oxygen Sensors And Catalyst Efficiency

Newer air/fuel ratio or wide-band sensors can detect a wide range of fuel conditions.

Oxygen Sensor Questions Answered

If an O2 sensor is not reading properly or is borderline, it should be replaced regardless of its age or mileage.

VIDEO: Tips For Removing Seized Oxygen Sensors

Andrew Markel covers Nissan TSB NTB10-009b and the strategies for removing seized oxygen sensors in downpipes and exhaust pipes.

VIDEO: Wide Or Narrow? What Is The Difference Between Oxygen Sensors And Wide-Band Air/Fuel Ratio Sensors?

In this video, Andrew Markel explores the difference between the two types of oxygen sensors and how the ECM sees the amount of oxygen left over after the combustion cycle. He also explains how new technology allows modern engines to see more of the fuel trim of the engine.

VIDEO: Understanding Oxygen Sensors And Air Fuel Ratio Sensors

Early oxygen sensors could only see a very narrow range of the air/fuel ratio. Modern air/fuel ratio sensors can see a wider range of lean and rich conditions. Andrew Markel discusses what this means to your diagnostic approach when it comes selecting the correct sensor for the job.

Oxygen Sensor Heater Codes

One of the most difficult problems to cure is an oxygen sensor code related to the heater circuit. If you decide to just put in a new sensor and clear the codes, there is a chance the code will come back because the malfunction in the circuit is not in the oxygen sensor.

VIDEO: What Is Oxygen Sensor Switching?

In this Tech Minute, editor Andrew Markel discusses oxygen sensors and fuel injection engines.

Oxygen Sensor And Catalyst Efficiency

The catalyst efficiency monitor verifies the catalytic converter is operating at a high enough efficiency rating to keep exhaust emissions within the predetermined values. The PCM compares the signals from the upstream and downstream oxygen sensors to determine the state of the converter. These “tests” are called the readiness monitors.

VIDEO: Slow Oxygen Sensor Preventing Secondary Air Monitor Reset

Andrew Markel explains how a non-resetting secondary air monitor required the use of crowd-sourced repair information when techs were led down a rabbit hole.

VIDEO: Slow Or Lazy Oxygen Sensor Maintenance

Andrew Markel explains how coolant leaks and oil consumption can lead to a slow, lazy, or dead oxygen sensor.

O2 Sensors Keep Watch Over The Air-Fuel Mixture

Keeping an eye on the air/fuel (A/F) mixture is an essential function of the engine management system because it affects emissions, fuel economy and performance.

Failing O2 Sensors Result In Increased Emissions And Fuel Consumption

The engine computer needs to know what the fuel mixture is with a high degree of precision so it can optimize fuel economy as well as emissions. If the information received by the powertrain control module (PCM) from its sensors is not accurate, it may command too much fuel or not enough.