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Proper Paint Prep: Cleaning and Abrading

Nothing is faster or more profitable than doing the job one time.

Automotive Painting: It’s Still a Good Trade

The industry continues to be a good trade for students out of high school.

Auto Refinish: Are You A Custom Painter?

What constitutes custom paint? And what’s the difference between custom painting and collision painting?

Proper Paint Prep: Foundational Integrity

Stay faithful to these paint prep fundamentals, and you’ll be able to avoid redos and comebacks.

PPG Adds Online Training For Commercial Vehicle Paint Techs

Wide variety of instructional videos added to PPG Knowledge College enable viewers to learn at their own pace, schedule.

Understanding Micro Scratches

A detailing expert shares tips for these common surface issues.

Spray Gun Evolution

Virtually all the refinish liquid of any kind that the collision shop buys is applied through a spray gun of some kind.

Paint Booth Protection

What do we need, where do we need it and why?

Mattes & Metallics: The Challenges Of Specialty Coatings

Matte finishes and micro-fine metallic finishes present some challenges, but practice and adherence to manufacturer guidelines can help.

Vehicle Buyers Love White More Than Any Other Color

In 2017, white was the No. 1 choice of color for vehicle buyers around the world, according to the Global Automotive 2017 Color Popularity Report by Axalta Coating Systems.

Dodge Debuts Heritage Inspired Color Names For 2017

Dodge is pulling from its rich history for its new 2017 exterior color lineup with a pallet of paint names derived directly from the brand’s colorful heritage.

Aluminum In The Paint Shop – What You Need To Know

There has been a lot of buzz since the 2015 Ford F-150 – largely comprised of aluminum – was released. And rightly so!