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Auto Pros Race Into Street & Strip Performance, Louisville, KY

Auto Pros on the Road puts the Babcox Media team on location in shops across the USA. This episode is sponsored by FRAM.

Maximize Engine Potential With O2 Sensors, Tuning

Oxygen sensors and the closed-loop EFI systems that utilize them can unlock amazing levels of performance.

UHP Summer Tire Segment Holds Steady

UHP summer tires offer reduced road noise and even rolling resistance as well as unbeatable dry grip.

Engine Build: 557 cid Blown Supercharged Hemi Engine

Sassy Racing Engines specializes only in Hemi engines like this 557 cid blown supercharged Hemi that pumps out 3,000 HP!

Wiring Harness Tips & Tricks

Find out what engine builders need to make better harnesses for their customers.

Street Performance Cylinder Heads: Selection Guidelines

Price, performance and availability are all important considerations in the head selection process.

Diesel Cylinder Head Performance Porting Strategies

Diesel engine intake ports and combustion chambers are unique to the way the engine performs.

The Turbo Comeback: The Small Engine, Big Performance Trend

Turbochargers are great for adding power to any gas or diesel-powered engine, but especially for small displacement engines. They were all the rage back in the 1980s when BMW, Mitsubishi, Toyota and Volkswagen all offered turbo options on a variety of engines. Over the years, turbos have come and gone, but recently, they are making

Performing in the Performance Engine Market

Car Stars Great car movies such as “Bullitt” and “American Graffiti” heightened the visibility of the muscle car and street performance culture. Baby boomers wanted to go fast even if they were just driving to the grocery store. The open road was calling and America answered. But, the government intervened and quickly started killing the

FAQs on Engine Programming: Tips for Tuners

What are they? How do they work in conjunction with the engine? Do they really improve performance and gas mileage? Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Just drop in a magic “chip” and your car or truck suddenly takes on NASCAR-like qualities ─ able to accelerate quicker or even achieve better gas mileage. Too good to be

Building Top Super Comp Engines

What does it take to build a winning engine for Super Comp drag racing? The Super Comp drag racing class runs on a 8.90 time limit, with essentially no rules regarding engine displacement, carburetion or type of vehicle. Engines can burn either gasoline or alcoho, but no nitro or nitrous. Engines can be naturally aspirated

The Boxed-Shape Racer is Back In

Judging by one of Nissan’s latest concepts, the box-shaped racers look of years past is back “in” again.  Nissan Releases Retro Racing Concept with its IDx NISMO Some have even described the IDx NISMO — an ultra-sporty model of the future — as one that looks as if the vehicle leapt directly from a driving