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ProMAXX New Valve Cover Saver Assists With Ford Engine Repairs

The VCS kit delivers value by saving Ford Dealership and independent shop technicians time and money.

New Wheel Bearing Technology Will Change Your Replacement & Diagnostic Approach

Two technologies are now being used on new vehicles and in aftermarket replacement hub units that allow engineers to put better bearings in smaller packages. These technologies will change the way you replace and diagnose wheel bearings.

Diagnosing Intake Manifold Failures

Many owners of late-model Mercedes-Benz cars equipped with 3.0L and 3.5L V6 engines (M272 or M273) have experienced performance problems that include poor idle, loss of power and a check engine light with a P2006 code (or sometimes other codes).

Burnsville High School Students Fix Teachers’ Cars For Cash

Automotive students at a Burnsville, Minnesota, high school work on donated and staff vehicles for $40 an hour – earning each student about $350 at the end of the school year. 

Brake Rotor Wear And Measurement

Measuring brake rotors is critical to performing a pulsation-free brake job. It does not matter if the rotors are new or old, you always need to verify if they are within specification.

Six Tools For Servicing Serpentine Belts

Servicing the serpentine belt on some vehicles is a tough task. Without the right tools it is almost impossible. Here are six tools to make your next belt replacement more productive.

Auto Body Tech Tips: Eliminating Sealer Creep

Many have eliminated the need for a wet-on-wet sealer by finishing off the 2K primer with a finer grit sandpaper, but sometimes it’s still prudent to seal a repair prior to refinishing. You don’t want to experience the dreaded “sealer creep” in a door jamb, where the sealer’s edge is exposed rather than covered with

Diagnosing Brake Roughness For A Lasting Repair

Warped rotors are probably one of the most common complaints from drivers coming into any shop that does brakes. The less confident or sophisticated driver may complain that when he hits the brakes, “the pedal pulses,” “the vehicle chucks during a stop,” or “it shakes my teeth during braking.” Generally, a quick turn of the

Win Big With ‘Project Summer’ Photo Contest

Auto students, we want to see what you’re wrenching on this summer! Are you restoring an old car, rebuilding an engine or simply updating your vehicle? Share your summer auto projects with Tomorrow’s Technician on social media for the chance to win a $100 gift card! We will pick one winner from Facebook, Twitter and

Undercover: Why Shocks And Struts Fade And Fail

Most shocks and struts today are “gas-pressurized” with nitrogen to minimize fluid foaming when the piston is pumping back and forth.

June 9-15, 2014 is Designated as Automotive Service Professionals Week

The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) has declared June 9-15, 2014 as National Automotive Service Professionals Week. Building on the success of Automotive Service Professionals Day established in 2001, ASE launched National Automotive Service Professional’s Week in 2005 to honor the commitment and dedication of automotive, truck and collision technicians, along with parts