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PC ReFlashing And Reprogramming

The choice to reflash is the hardest because there is no one solution or single path to follow.

Reflashing Power Supplies

A power supply to keep the system voltage consistent is a required piece of equipment to perform a reflash procedure.

Quick Quiz: J2534 Reprogramming

Prepare for the inevitable. More than 30% of the cars you are working on for driveability concerns can be likely be fixed with a reflash, meaning no parts are required. Take this five question quiz to check your knowledge of step-by-step procedures on how to perform the reflash and what you need in order to get started.

NASTF Using Tech 2

Bob Pattengale demonstrates how to use the National Automotive Service Task Force’s website as a guide for flashing and reprogramming. He shows us how to use the NASTF website to learn how to navigate the OEM sites and prepare you for the job ahead.