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VIDEO: Rear Rotor Parking Brake Service

Would you replace a drum without changing the shoes? Andrew Markel discusses what must be performed when servicing rear rotors that use a drum in the hat of the rotor.

Tech Tip: Removing A Rear Rotor Stuck On The Parking Brake

If you are having trouble removing a drum-in-hat rotor, don’t just take a hammer to it. You may have to adjust the parking brake and back it off the rotor in order to remove the rear rotor.

VIDEO: Releasing The Rotor From The Electric Parking Brake

Andrew Markel reviews methods to reset the parking brake in order to release a rotor, and how best to obtain service information for this procedure.

Proper Rotor Service Prevents Comebacks

Uneven rotor wear often produces variations in thickness that can be felt as pedal pulsations when the brakes are applied.

Brake Rotor Finishing: Non-Directional For Maximum Smoothness

The surface finish of a new or resurfaced rotor should meet OEM specifications for good braking performance, pedal feel and quiet operation.

Change Your Mind When It Comes To Rotor, Pulsation Comebacks

How do you handle a pulsation or comeback? Blame the pads? The driver? Defective rotor?

Brake Service on 7th Gen Honda Accords

The seventh-generation Honda Accord (2003-’08) and Acura TL are some of the top-selling vehicles in the U.S. They have a very simple brake system to service, but it can be prone to brake-noise issues if it’s not properly serviced. The system uses single-piston floating calipers in the front. In the rear, some models use single-piston

A5 Brake Components Inspection Tip Clip

Watch this Tip Clip presented by instructor Mark DeKoster with information you need to know if you perform brake service and repairs. Mark shows us and talks about tips to determine if a rotor is acceptable to be turned and resurfaced, how to best prepare a rotor for being turned and best practices for reinstalling the rotor and other brake parts.