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Deciphering An Engine Misfire Code

Many changing factors must be met to pass a misfire monitor.

Shift Pointers: Tricky Sensor Situations

Sometimes you’re the windshield and sometimes you’re the bug.

Nissan Sonar Sensors

Make sure all sensors are clean, and that no built-up debris surrounds the sensors prior to testing.

VIDEO: Brake Pad Wear Sensors And How They Work

The sensor warns you when it’s time for new brake pads. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

VIDEO: Mass Air Flow Sensor Diagnostics

A mass air flow sensor measures air entering the engine. This video is sponsored by NGK Spark Plugs.

Polyvance Releases New 6149 Sensor Hole Cutting Kit

Polyvance has introduced a new 6149 Sensor Hole Cutting Kit that makes it quick and easy to cut round holes in bumper covers for the installation of parking sensors.

VIDEO: P0136 O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage

Check out TechShop’s Tool Minute discussing trouble code P0136. This video is sponsored by Launch Tech USA.

VIDEO: Understanding Bias Voltage

Andrew Markel goes over bias voltage and how this startup process allows a handshake between modules and sensors.

Why TPMS Sensors Fail

More than 103 million vehicles on the road today have direct TPMS systems. With the average vehicle being more than 10 years old, a vehicle with four TPMS sensors will likely have all of its TPMS sensors replaced during its lifetime. This is the service opportunity of the decade and you should not let it

Quick Quiz: Duramax Diesel

Do you know everything you need to know about Duramax engines? Do you know about the sensors, cooling systesm, ECM and FICM? Well this quick quiz does not cover everything you need to know but it does get you thinking.