SCRS Welding Video Emphasizes Technician Safety

SCRS board members Gary Wano and Amber Alley watch a new welding video unveiled at the SCRS open board meeting in Chicago.

Part 3 of a Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) video series on welding emphasizes protective measures that shops and technicians must take to stay safe during welding procedures.

Safety measures include proper welding helmets, protective gloves, fume extractors and screens.

The association unveiled the video at its July 24 open Board of Directors meeting in Chicago.

The video features SCRS members Michael Bradhsaw, Andy Dingman, Toby Chess and Dave Gruskos.

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SHHS Automotive Tech Learns Fire Safety From Local Firefighters

screen-shot-2016-11-01-at-8-25-23-amColumbia River Fire & Rescue (CRFR) firefighters recently provided fire safety pointers to students from the automotive technology class at St. Helens High School.

From Cody Mann’s article on The Chronicle website:

Fire extinguishers – we see them everywhere, but how many of us really know how to use one? As students of the Automotive Technology class at St. Helens High School recently learned, fire extinguishers come in several forms, each with its own specific purpose and technique for use.

Fire extinguishers might disperse powder, foam, wet or dry chemicals, or simple water. There are highly specialized extinguishers for certain situations. The automotive class students had the opportunity to test their fire safety skills with the type designed for suppressing flammable liquids thanks to a visit from Columbia River Fire & Rescue (CRFR) firefighters.

The firefighters brought a tub of water connected to a propane tank that simulated a fire involving liquids. Students took turns attempting to douse the fire using extinguishers with a “B” classification, which is designated for use with flammable liquids. Other classes in the U.S.’s “ABCDK” categorization system designate use for ordinary material fires (A), electrical fires (C), combustible metals (D), and oils and fats in kitchen fires (K).

Click HERE to read the entire article about the fire safety training exercise on The Chronicle website.