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Auto Shop Clean Up

It may take a little more planning, but keeping a clean shop is a good move.

Scan Tool Technology

Without access to updates, your shop might not be able to complete a job or may even lose the business to the competition.

20-Year-Old Opens NextGen Auto Shop To Keep Ohio Community On The Road

Mercedes Czerepak knew exactly what she wanted to do at a very young age: work on cars.

K-Tool International Offers Locking Drawer Tool Cart

K Tool International is expanding its tool storage line with a new 600-lb. capacity shop cart that provides organization and security for tools of all types.

Burnsville High School Students Fix Teachers’ Cars For Cash

Automotive students at a Burnsville, Minnesota, high school work on donated and staff vehicles for $40 an hour – earning each student about $350 at the end of the school year. 

Career Corner: What Shop Owners Look For in Employees

Now more than ever in the automotive service industry, employers are looking to hire automotive technicians with more that just the traditional set of automotive technician skills required to do the job. Automotive service shops prefer job applicants with general business and communication skills, on top of their automotive service skills, that give them an

Base Engine Analysis Quick Quiz

Some of the most difficult problems to diagnose are engine problems. There is NO scan tool that can tell you that you have a bad cam lobe on Cylinder #4! Take our 5 question quick quiz to test your knowledge of base engine problems and how to diagnose them using tools you already have in your shop.

GM Anti-Theft Quick Quiz

Have you had a GM vehicle in your shop with one of these issues: no crank conditions, intermittent starting problems, start & stall, engine cranks but no injector pulse, the security light is on but the vehicle starts and runs anyway? If so, take our five question quick quiz and get great tips on intermittent problems that drive you crazy!

Service Advisor Quick Quiz

Do you know how to deal with an insistent badgering customer or a price shopper? Take our five question quick quiz to test your knowledge on how to deal with the various types of people you’ll meet in your shop.

Current Ramping Quick Quiz

Can every tech in your shop analyze and diagnose vehicles in 15 minutes or less? Do you know how to analyze amperage waveforms captured with your DSO and low-amp current probe to monitor electrical current through wires? Take our quick quiz to improve your accuracy and help cut your diagnostic time.

Why J2788 Standard Tip Clip

What if you could save 30 minutes each day in the shop? Do you have some areas in the shop where you might be wasting a little bit of time? You might have an A/C recovery machine that’s not quite up to its 100% potential. What we’re going to talk about in this tip clip

Repair Shop Marketing Tip Clip

In this series of short tip clips from management and service writing instructor George Witt you will learn several quick tips that will help to to better market your shop. George talks about things such as friendliness, cleanliness, reminders, humor, training, and equipment.