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Lock Technology Offers Shockit Crows Foot & Line Wrench Sets

Shockit Crows Foot and Line Wrenches offer access to buried fasteners.

KNIPEX Tools Introduces The TwinGrip Pliers

These five-adjustment push-button slip joint pliers feature both front and side gripping areas.

Flush Heater Cores with Lisle Backflush Tool

Air pressure is added to the water flow, creating agitation that flushes out even the most stubborn clogs.

Power Probe Introduces Multi-Use Circuit Tester

The Maestro wirelessly pairs with the Power Probe Tek App, allowing for a wireless remote display.

Universal Valve Adjustment Tool from Schley

This two-in-one tool features a window in its socket so the technician can see the position of the screwdriver blade.

Mueller-Kueps Flexible Magnets

These magnets come in three weight categories and can lift between 1 and 6 lbs.

Access, Loosen And Remove Frozen O2 Sensors With LTI’s Kit

The kit includes a low-profile design for limited access and long profile design for deep recessed Ford, Toyota and Lexus applications.

Nes Introduces Internal Thread Repair Tool

This one tool restores inch or metric, right-hand or left-hand fastener threads.

Powersports Tech Tips: Specialty Tools

A technician can carry out the majority of their work with basic hand tools. A major dividing line appears when the service manual calls for the use of a special tool. The professional technician should have a large selection of specialty tools for handling specific jobs. Even a crafty shade tree mechanic can be stonewalled