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How Battery Service Continues To Change

Your attention to a battery’s condition will tell you if it needs to be replaced – and with what.

Understanding Stop/Start Charging and Starting Systems

The problem may not have been caused by a complicated reason, something simple may have caused the system not to work.

Starters & Alternators- Tips For Diagnostics

Here are 4 tips to follow when replacing starters and alternators.

Handling A Car That Won’t Start (Video)

Automatic start-stop systems are putting more stress on the starter and battery. Sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

Starter Diagnosis: Should You Replace It, Or Not? (VIDEO)

A large amount of starters are replaced due to misdiagnosis. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

VIDEO: ACDelco Starter and Alternators

High under-hood temps, increased power demands and vibration can damage alternators or starters. Sponsored by ACDelco.

No Go? Battery and Starter Diagnostics

What seems like a problem with one could be an issue with the other.

VIDEO: Modern Starters And Diagnostic Hammering

Andrew Markel tackles the age-old diagnostic technique of hitting the starter with a hammer, and the obvious disadvantages to doing so on starters in modern vehicles.

VIDEO: Low-Oil No-Crank Condition Diagnostics

Andrew Markel explains the components to consider in order to properly diagnose a low-oil no-crank condition.

VIDEO: Diagnosing The Starter With A Voltage Drop Test

Andrew Markel shows how to voltage drop test a starter when there is a slow crank, despite the battery and starter having enough voltage.

Starter And Theft Deterrent System Diagnostics

Today’s vehicle can have numerous additional features to the starting systems. Remote start, auto start and auto cranking are just a few. And, with a lot of these systems, an anti-theft system is directly involved with the operation of the starter motor.