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Replacement Strut Alignment Angles

Earl MacPherson’s struts eliminated suspension complexity in one way but changed vehicle geometry in others.

Strut Service Q&A

A complete inspection lays the groundwork for excellent customer communication and increases the possibility of a sale.

PRT Launches 129 Complete Strut Assemblies

The new launch includes components for the Toyota Tacoma, Kia Sorento and Honda Civic.

VIDEO: What Else Should Be Replaced With The Strut?

Complete a thorough inspection to increase profitability. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

PRT Launches 66 Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products represent more than 8 million vehicles in new coverage for North America.

PRT Launches 71 Products On Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products represent more than 6 million vehicles in new coverage.

PRT Launches 173 Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products represent coverage for more than 56 million vehicles in operation.

The Complete Strut Job

Most labor guides give a technician 0.3 hours of labor, or 17 minutes, to compress the spring and disassemble the old strut, and assemble the new strut.

VIDEO: Recommending Shocks And Struts

Andrew Markel offers four tips to ensure that you choose the correct shocks and struts for your customer’s vehicle.

Shocks, Struts And Tires: What Is The Wear Connection?

The role of ride control and tires becomes even more critical on vehicles equipped with ABS, traction control and stability control systems. As in an emergency lane-change situation, the driver can now steer under panic braking. This means that weight transfer and vehicle pitch can be even more extreme.

VIDEO: Selling Loaded Struts In Sets

Andrew Markel explains how selling loaded struts in sets can prevent air ride problems and damage in the future.

VIDEO: Upper Strut Mount Replacement

Andrew Markel discusses the upper strut mount and its importance to a strut replacement job, including the prevention of the strut binding and memory steer.