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KYB’s Winning Weekend

The FIA World Rallycross win marked the second victory of the season for Mattias Ekstrom and KYB Team JC.

PRT Launches 129 Complete Strut Assemblies

The new launch includes components for the Toyota Tacoma, Kia Sorento and Honda Civic.

VIDEO: What Else Should Be Replaced With The Strut?

Complete a thorough inspection to increase profitability. This video is sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

PRT Launches 66 Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products represent more than 8 million vehicles in new coverage for North America.

‘Selling’ Ride Control Repairs

A visual inspection of the shocks and struts can tell you a lot about the ride control units.

PRT Launches 71 Products On Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products represent more than 6 million vehicles in new coverage.

PRT Launches 173 Complete Strut Assemblies

The new products represent coverage for more than 56 million vehicles in operation.

VIDEO: What Happens When Shocks And Struts Lose Their Oil And Gas

What wears out on a shock or strut is the fluid and gas inside and the seals that keep the ingredients inside. Andrew Markel explores how the fluid and gas can escape and what happens to the stability of the vehicle.

VIDEO: Inspecting Bent Strut Rods

Andrew Markel addresses a call from a customer involving a memory steer issue, and how the root cause may be hard to detect.

Active Ride Control: Diagnostics And Replacement Options

So, what makes a shock or strut “active?”

Tire Scrub Diagnostics: Where’s The Scrub?

Have an unusual tire wear complaint? It probably starts with the steering knuckle.

Matching The Components To The Application: Ride Control System Protocol

A shock absorber is designed to dampen oscillations in leaf or coil springs by enclosing a piston and rod assembly inside a cylinder filled with oil. The shell or casing generally mounts on the axle or control arm while the piston rod assembly mounts to the frame.