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Active Ride Control Diagnostics

In the 1990s, adjustable valve shocks and struts were all the rage. These systems had two or three comfort and sport settings that could be changed with buttons on the dash. These systems played the role of firming up the suspension if the driver wanted a sporty feel while driving. These systems have evolved to the point where they can actively change dampening characteristics in milliseconds.

The Benefits Of Loaded Struts

In addition to the strut itself, a loaded strut includes the upper strut mount, strut bumper and boot, spring seat and insulators, and coil spring. Prior to the availability of loaded struts, our choices were to source each of these parts individually or reuse the parts where replacements weren’t readily available.

Air Ride Replacement And Calibration

Air ride replacement is not always plug and play. Most of the time after an air ride component is replaced, a few extra steps might be required before the vehicle is completely repaired.

Tracking Down Honda Chassis-Related Noise Complaints

For this article, we find ourselves under a high-mileage V6 Honda Accord looking for what should be an easy-to-find knocking noise. When the car was written up at dropoff, notes were added for the tech to look for loose sway bar links and bushings based on the customer’s description of a knocking noise over bumps.

How To Prime Twin Tube Shocks And Struts

Occasionally, light-vehicle twin tube shocks and struts are misdiagnosed as faulty when removed from the box for installation. On the initial stroke of the product you may notice a dead band or erratic damping at the top of the stroke of the twin tube shock or strut. This is a normal occurrence and the shock will function properly once it has been primed.

Anti-Sway Bar Repair And Service

Anti-sway bars (aka sway, stabilizer or anti-roll bars) never get the credit they deserve. If anti-sway bars were never invented, the ride and handling of vehicles would be a lot more harsh than it is today. That is because anti-sway bars act as a third spring controlling rolls stiffness of a vehicle.

Air Ride Diagnostics: Reservoirs And Compressors

Just about every Asian and European luxury import nameplate manufacturer has a 7- to 10-year-old vehicle on the road with an air-ride suspension at all four corners. Chances are you will be servicing one of these vehicles sooner rather than later.

Wheel Speed Sensor – Bias Voltage Tip Clip

In this tip clip from the Vehicle Stability Control class, instructor Dave Scaler measures the DC bias voltage of a wheel speed sensor and shows you how understanding these sensors will make active wheel speed sensor testing much easier.

A4 Alignment Basics Tire Wear Tip Clip

In this short video clip from the A4 Suspension and Steering class, Delphi instructor Dave Hobbs discusses and shows some basic tips and knowledge to help you better diagnose alignment issues based on tire wear helping you more quickly and accurately use the alignment machine to put everything in spec.

A4 Power Steering Fluid Check & Maintenance Tip Clip

Watch this tip clip excerpt from the A4 Steering and Suspension ASE Test prep course presented by Dave Hobbs. Dave talks about proper testing and maintenance of power steering fluid and related components–showing examples and highlighting the things you should know both as a technician and to pass the ASE A4 certification test.

A4 Quick Quiz

The A4 Suspension and Steering test covers steering, suspension, wheel alignment, and wheel and tire disassembly, cleaning, inspection, and repair procedures. Take our five question quick quiz to see if you’re ready to ACE the A4 ASE test!