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Tool Intel: Wire Strippers/Crimpers

Take a look at the multi-faceted world of wire strippers and crimpers.

AWD and ABS Services

AWD is always engaged and with the ABS brake modulator, can perform like systems with limited-slip differentials.

Technology Corner: Artificial Intelligence

It is the development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.

Valve Timing Case Study Tech Tip

In this excerpt from Dave Scaler’s complete training program ‘Base Engine Analysis,’ Dave shares a quick case study on a Pontiac Grand Am with a Quad 4 that came in with misfire DTCs. He discusses the diagnostic procedures and details of the compression test on this vehicles Quad 4. He gives some best practices and helpful hints for dealing with valve timing issues like those exhibited in this case study.

Lambda Tech Tip

In this tech tip, instructor Bill Fulton gives you a quick modern day tech tip that you don’t see on their scan tool. It’s called Lambda. This is what we call the corrected air-fuel ratio. He discusses Lambda, how it differs from manufacturer to manufacture, and what numbers to look for.

Tech Tip: Powerbalance Testing

In this tip clip, Bill Fulton discusses the theory and evolution of power-balance testing. Providing insight, techniques, and how it all applies to modern cars, Bill shows you how to better pinpoint fuel balance problems.

A8 Tech Tip: Two Stage Temp Sensor

Instructor Dave Hobbs gives some insight into something a lot of techs already know about and may just take for granted–two stage temperature sensors. He covers some specifics about the sensors, testing procedures, and how to avoid replacing parts that are good only to find you still have a problem. He also gives some details and insight into the differences in design and wiring of these sensors between the individual manufacturers.

Current Ramping Quick Quiz

Can every tech in your shop analyze and diagnose vehicles in 15 minutes or less? Do you know how to analyze amperage waveforms captured with your DSO and low-amp current probe to monitor electrical current through wires? Take our quick quiz to improve your accuracy and help cut your diagnostic time.

Hybrid A/C Compressor Fuse Tech Tip

In this tip clip, Instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the Hybrid A/C compressor fuse on a Gen 3 Toyota Prius. He provides some hands-on info about how and where to find the fuse. He discusses safety and techniques for properly testing the DC current air conditioning fuse to the DC mini inverter compressor used in late model Toyota and Lexus.

Hybrid Data PIDS Tech Tip

In this hybrid vehicle tech tip Dave Hobbs talks about an ‘engine stop request code. If you’ve got a hybrid vehicle and you’re not sure– is it doing an idle stop or is it just stalling– because we have still have an internal combustion engine and that means we still have all other kinds of sensors that can cause drivability issues, including intermittent stalling conditions. Thats why Dave talks about the engine stop request PID and how it can keep you from chasing the boogeyman.

Wells Technical Videos

[pre_ad postid=”7497″]These videos are brought to you through the efforts of the Wells Technical Services Department. The Wells Technical Services department has developed this video series with dozens of in-depth training segments covering a broad range of drivability and related topics. The videos can be accessed by searching for “Wells Vehicle Electronics” on and

Shorted Motor Gen Tech Tip

In this hybrid tech tip clip instructor Dave Hobbs talks about the hybrid battery disconnects and how important it it for you as a technician to know how to know the procedures to deactivate and shut down hybrid voltage systems in order to safely and efficiently even be able to service other non hybrid systems on a vehicle.