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VIDEO: Spark Plug Insulators And Flashover

Andrew Markel shows the importance of keeping a spark plug’s insulators clean to prevent flashover.

VIDEO: Three Tips For Driveshaft Service

More vehicles are using all-wheel or rear-wheel drive and driveshaft service is becoming more common. Andrew Markel shares three driveshaft service tips.

VIDEO: Iridium Spark Plugs And Laser Welding

Andrew Markel explains how iridium’s hardness and melting point makes it a perfect spark plug material and how laser welding made it possible to use it on spark plugs.

VIDEO: Knuckle Bore Distortion And Bearing Installation

Andrew Markel shows how you can measure bore distortion on a knuckle and catch any bearing installation issues before they happen.

VIDEO: Air Filters And Lean Codes

Andrew Markel shows how unfiltered air can pass through an air filter to the mass air flow sensor, creating lean codes.

VIDEO: Brake Rotors And Anti-Corrosion Coating

Andrew Markel shows how anti-corrosion coating on quality brake rotors can create a win-win for your shop and the customer.

VIDEO: The Worst Spark Plug Jobs (Part 1)

Andrew Markel starts on a list of the six most difficult spark plug jobs you may have already dealt with. This video includes the GM Quad-4 engine, the Toyota Previa van, and the Chrysler Town and Country.

VIDEO: Brake Noise And Rotor Cleanliness

Andrew Markel answers a question about brake noise and how keeping parts clean can help prevent noise.

VIDEO: Wheel Bearing Runout

Andrew Markel shows how cleanliness is next to godliness when installing a new rotor on an existing hub and flange on a vehicle.