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Understanding Fuel Injection

Though many different terms have been used for the technology, it really just comes down to indirect or direct.

The Latest on Lifters

Advancements in technology, as well as modern testing and research is constantly evolving to make lifters better.

Hoverboard Inventor Unveils Two-Wheeled EV Concept

Is SHANE, a new parallel two-wheeled vehicle, the future for everyday urban and highway use?

How Wrenches are Made

Today’s tools are built to withstand levels of stress well above that of years ago.

PGI Announces ‘Push-to-Talk’ for the Aftermarket

This cutting-edge parts lookup technology is unique in the filtration segment, says PGI.

Understanding BMW 12V Lithium Ion Battery Technology

Let’s dig into this type of battery construction and all it has to offer.

Immersion And Stanley Sign Licensing Agreement

Immersion’s high-quality touch feedback technology enhances in-vehicle interfaces and applications.

Smart City Challenge – How Close Is The Future?

Drivers want emerging technology, they just don’t want to relinquish control of their vehicle to it.

Automotive Technician vs. Mechanic: What’s the Difference?

It’s finally time to drop the confusion and call auto pros by a term that is accurate and relevant in today’s world.

Connected-Cars Workshop: Weighing Benefits, Risks Of Self-Driving Vehicles

Panelists at a July 5 workshop weighed the benefits of autonomous vehicles against the potential risks, touching on issues ranging from diagnostics to cybersecurity.

Moller Flying Car For Sale On eBay: Buy It Now For $5 Million (Just Don’t Fly It)

For sale on eBay: a gently used 2001 Moller International G90 M400 Skycar, dubbed as the original VTOL (vertical-takeoff-and-landing) flying car.

Latest EcoCAR3 Challenge Redesigns Chevrolet Camaro into a Hybrid

The U.S. Department of Energy and General Motors Co. recently announced the official launch of the EcoCAR 3 competition, introducing the 16 participating universities and revealing the Chevrolet Camaro as the vehicle selected as the platform for the competition. (Read about the finalists in the EcoCAR2 Challenge as The Ohio State University “raced” to a