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Curing Shock, Strut and Suspension Noise

As vehicles age, eliminating noise is Job 1. But ‘noise’ may mean different things to you and your customers.

Sprinter Diagnostics Quick Quiz

Are you up to par on Sprinter Diesel Diagnostics? Try out this quick quiz on Sprinter Diesel Diagnostics covering common rail injection systems and the differences between the 2.7 and the 3.0 engines. [QUIZZIN 201]

Back Pressure Testing Tip Clip

In this excerpt from the A8 ASE test prep program, Instructor Dave Hobbs discusses some tips and tricks regarding various ways to perform a back pressure test. He also talks about how to make your own tool for this purpose and tells you what to look out for on the ASE A8 exam regarding back pressure related questions.

FRED Takes the Bus Quick Quiz

Data-bussing and multiplexing can be complex and aggravating, but F.R.E.D. (Frustrating, Ridiculous, Electronic, Devices) can help solve the mystery behind it. Take our five question quick quiz to put your understanding of how the electronic modules communicate with each other to the test. Conquering this tough issue will help you save you valuable diagnostic time.

A6 Test Prep Quick Quiz

Just because you have worked with electrical systems before does not mean you are ready to take the ASE A6 test. Take this quick quiz to assess your electrical system expertise so you will know if you are ready for the real test.

A2 Transmission Performance Codes Tip Clip

In this clip from the ASE A2 Transmission Diagnostics test prep program, Wayne Colonna talks about transmission performance codes. He talks about how on some computer controlled transmissions if there is a code stored or shift adapt issues the computers strategy is to overcome this slip by increasing line pressure. He talks about the problems this can cause during the diagnostic process and how to overcome these issues.

GM Supplemental Restraint Systems

In this program, Dave Hobbs provides extensive information on GM safety restraint systems to help you with issues in steering column repair. He tells you what to do and what to avoid when working on and handling airbags while providing plenty of tips and test procedures on these systems.