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Throttle-By-Wire Diagnostics

On older throttle cable systems, the carburetor or fuel injection system reacted to the throttle angle.

Diagnosing Throttle-By-Wire Problems

The main reason for the switch to Throttle-By-Wire (TBW) or Drive-by-Wire is that it allows the ECM to work in harmony with other engine control systems such as cruise control, traction control, torque management and stability control.

VIDEO: Resetting Throttle-By-Wire

Jason Stahl discusses the best and safest way to reset a throttle-by-wire system.

VIDEO: Throttle-By-Wire And The Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor

In this Tech Minute, Andrew Markel shows how the accelerator pedal position sensor uses two sensors to create reliable readings in throttle-by-wire systems on modern vehicles.