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Check TPMS, Save on Fuel for Your Next Road Trip

Discover the benefits of TPMS for enhancing safety, fuel efficiency and peace of mind during long road trips.

TPMS Tools and Sensors

Transform TPMS with advanced diagnostics and sensor programming. This video is sponsored by Bosch.

TPMS Sensor Signals

TPMS sensor signals are low power and low frequency, with most sensors transmitting at 315MHz or 433MHz.

How To Turn Off The TPMS Light

Here are a few commonly overlooked issues that could be triggering a warning light.

Continental Autodiagnos TPMS SE Increases Tire Service

The easy-to-use TPMS reads 100% of OE passenger vehicle sensors.

Next Gen REDI-Sensor Offers Latest In Multi-Application TPMS

Only four sensor SKUs required to replace over 290 OE sensors.

TPMS Scenarios That Cost Time and Money For Repair Experts

Programmable sensors and auto location offer many benefits but may require extra steps during service.

TPMS In the Modern Age – How OEMs Make Service Difficult

OE manufacturers have developed technologies to protect many vehicle networks from unauthorized access.

TPMS Quick Tip: The Scoop On The Goop

If these sealers are left in a tire, they can cause corrosion and damage to the tire, wheel and TPMS sensor.

Continental Introduces Two New TPMS Tools

Both tools can perform relearns on 98.6% of all domestic, European and Asian TPMS compliant vehicles.

Dynamic TPMS Introduces The DVT-PRO Sensor

This new single sensor solution is an addition to the Dynamic DVT Pro-Select three-sensor offering.

TPMS Tip: Air Chuck Or Err Chuck

It’s the little details that can save a lot of trouble, and for the trouble – make sure your TPMS scan tool is ready.