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VIDEO: Nissan TSB Shows Tip On How To Install O-Rings Without Damage

Nissan’s Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) NTB17-008b covers specific VQ-Series V6 engines that may show signs of oil leaking around the valve timing control solenoid. This TSB has a great tip on how to install rubber O-rings without causing damage. Hint: all you need is a piece of paper!

VIDEO: TSBs: A Good Watch, Not Just A Good Read

Andrew Markel discusses the evolution of TSBs and how more of them are now including videos to help better understand repair procedures.

2006 Malibu Smart Charge Case Study Tip Clip

Dave Hobbs presents an interesting case study of a Chevy Malibu exhibiting battery discharge issues, no start problems and with a B1516 BCM code. Dave discusses the associated TSB and smart charging system components related to this issue.