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Volkswagen Engine Misfire Diagnosis

Misfire faults have been related to conditions like loose/damaged electrical connections, poor circuit grounds and more.

VW HVAC Service

Volkswagen HVAC systems have come a long way.

VW Intake Manifold

Some owners of VWs & Audis have experienced performance or drivability concerns tied to faulty intake manifolds.

VW Engine Misfire Diagnosis

Misfire faults have been commonly related to loose or damaged electrical connections and/or poor circuit grounds.

VW Key Programming

What do you do if the keyless entry remote won’t unlock the doors, or if the key won’t start the vehicle?

Condition-Based Oil Calculations: BMW, VW and Mercedes

Today, it is difficult to find a European vehicle without a light or warning messages to get the driver to change the oil.

Solving VW False Fuel Pressure Reading

First, verify the customer did not run out of fuel at the time the DTCs were stored.

TSB Watch: Top 10 Fixes For Popular VW Models

Here are some of the 10 best Volkswagen TSBs that can be used and late model VW models that are out of warranty.

Easier Volkswagen TPMS Service

Be extra careful about following the necessary procedures, otherwise resetting may become time-consuming.

Volkswagen TPMS Tips

VW tire pressure monitoring system relearns can be the most time-consuming repair if you don’t follow exact procedures.

VW DSG 02E Transmission: A Diagnostic Pre-Checklist

This particular transmission is frequently powered by a diesel engine.

Servicing Volkswagen Gas Engine Vacuum Pumps

VW has been using vacuum pumps to power the brake booster on its diesel-powered vehicles for almost 40 years.