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A5 Brake Components Inspection Tip Clip

Watch this Tip Clip presented by instructor Mark DeKoster with information you need to know if you perform brake service and repairs. Mark shows us and talks about tips to determine if a rotor is acceptable to be turned and resurfaced, how to best prepare a rotor for being turned and best practices for reinstalling the rotor and other brake parts.

GM Pass Key Systems Hands-On Tip Clip

In this video Tip Clip Bill Fulton presents several hands on test you can quickly and easily perform when diagnosing GM Pass Key antitheft issues and problems. Watch this video and learn to use your multimeter to check and diagnose the various components of the antitheft system.

Case Study: 2004 Dodge Stratus Tip Clip

In this excerpt, Bill Fulton current ramps the fuel pump on a high-mileage 2004 Dodge Status with P0300 and P0171 codes. In doing so, he determines whether there is a weak fuel supply or a bad pump. Watch Now.

Ignition and EGR Testing Tip Clip

Using scope patterns, Jim Wilson discusses and demonstrates a procedure for diagnosing EGR related misfire issues by examining scope patterns of the different cylinders.

Civic Hybrid – Dead Battery Tip Clip

Craig VanBatenburg talks about the Gen 2 Civic Hybrids and how with a dead 12v battey you will be unable to communicate with the vehicle using your scan tool. He talks about the codes problems associated, the problems that you might see and how to get communications to your scan tool again.

ABS Tech Tip 3

Peter Orlando with the third of his ABS Tech Tip clips, this time with a hydraulic tip that you can use on any brake system. Peter gives us the breakdown on some tips for monitoring and controlling contaminate issues during a brake system service that can cause problems with the ABS system.