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Checking The Auxiliary Water Pump

A car or truck comes into the shop with a complaint of poor heater performance. The issue may be the auxiliary water pump.

Tech holds up heater core
Monitor Water Quality When Servicing Coolant

The harder the water, the more likely the water pump is to develop a leak.

Carter Expands Water Pump Line

Six new parts have been added to Carter’s line of Rapid Fit engine water pumps, along with three water pump part numbers.

How To Replace The Water Pump On A 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser

This job is moderately difficult because of multiple components that need to be removed.

Cavitation: Killer Of Water Pumps

The condition of the coolant has a direct relationship to cavitation in pumps.

Knipex Introduces New Cobra XS Pliers

At just 4 inches, the KNIPEX Cobra XS (87 00 100) just might be the smallest water pump pliers in the world!

VIDEO: How To Replace Your Water Pump

When you take the ASE G1 or ASE A1, make sure you read and understand the full question. This video is sponsored by Carter.

Mini Water Pump Friction Drive System

The tensioner is able to disengage the water pump until the engine has reached a specific temperature.

3 Reasons To Replace Both The Water Pump And Timing Belt

Here are three main reasons why you should have a conversation with your customer to replace multiple parts simultaneously.

Toyota FJ Cruiser Water Pump Replacement

Replacing the water pump on the FJ Cruiser is a reasonably big job.

2014 Toyota FJ in the desert
Nissan VQ35 Water Pump: Chain-Driven Replacement Procedure

At the top of the list of the engines with the most challenging water pumps to replace is the Nissan VQ-Series V6 engines.

Intelligent Cooling Systems

A conventional thermostat and water pump are similar to a carburetor and mechanical fuel pump in one regard – they can only respond to change, not be proactive in their engine management.