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ASE Test Prep: Frequent Water Pump Replacements (VIDEO)

Which technician is correct? This video is sponsored by Carter.

VIDEO: Water Pump Gasket And Seal Replacement

When replacing a water pump, other components need attention too. This video is sponsored by Carter.

VIDEO: Engine Water Pump Replacement Tips

Engine fluids need to be drained during certain repairs. Do you know which and how much? This video sponsored by Carter.

Carter Adds SKUs To Expanding Line Of Water Pumps

Carter’s full line of water pumps covers 95% of domestic and import VIO.

Mini Water Pump Friction Drive System

The tensioner is able to disengage the water pump until the engine has reached a specific temperature.

Diagnosing Intelligent Cooling Systems

You might be seeing a trend on late-model water pumps, such that an undersized mechanical pump being augmented by an electric pump with an electronic thermostat.