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Wheel Bearing Service Tips

When faced with any noise complaint, take the time to test-drive the car.

EV Wheel Bearing Replacement

Are you prepared for the service and repair opportunities EVs provide?

Understanding EV Wheel Hub Bearings

There are a lot of myths surrounding HVs, PHVs and EVs in our industry.

Lightweight Brake Components

Engineering teams have certain goals that they need to meet or exceed.

Tapered Wheel Bearings

Here’s what you should know as a technician when servicing tapered wheel bearings.

4X4 Locking Hubs

A one mpg difference may not sound like much, but every little bit helps.

Mevotech’s Engineered TTX Brand Expands

The extension focuses on assemblies that feature improved service life and durability for working and fleet applications.

VIDEO: Fix Wheel Hubs Correctly And Save Hearing

Proper wheel hub service does not include the radio. Fix the problem correctly. This video sponsored by GSP North America.

VIDEO: Wheel Well Belt Inspections

Pay special attention to seals, boots and exhaust heat shields. This video is sponsored by Litens.

Mueller-Kueps Wheel Hub Grinder Is Back

Burned in corrosion residues are completely removed from wheel and hub contact surfaces with a quick and easy process.

Tech Tip: Intensive Wheel Hub Cleaning Process

Recently, we had a Jeep Grand Cherokee in our shop for a brake job. Upon removing the rotor, we found one of the rustiest wheel hubs we have ever seen.

VIDEO: Clicking Noise After Wheel Hub Replacement

If a customer complains of a clicking noise after a hub unit has been replaced, two OEMs have each prepared their own solution to the problem, and they happen to be nearly identical.