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Livestream On Demand: Custom Wheel & Tire Packages and TPMS

Join Andrew Markel and the experts at Summit Racing for a one-hour livestream on January 26 at 1PM EST.

New T2U Course Coming – Tire And Wheel Service Procedures

This course covers how to properly service the wheel assembly while preventing damage.

Rethinking Your Wheel Weight Assortment

Your wheel weights could be hiding indirect comeback costs related to them falling off or losing their adhesion.

SUV Wheel Alignment Basics

Proper alignments of SUVs with larger tires help your customers to maximize their investments in these popular vehicles.

Wheel Installation Requires Torque, Clamping Force Knowledge

Many variables need to be managed to ensure safe, reliable wheel service for your customers.

Wheel Service Packages Can Help Identify Customer Interest

There are many bundled wheel services that can be offered in single-price quote packages to meet your customers’ needs.

Repairing Pothole Damage

Tips for helping a car recover from “pothole season.”

TPMS & Custom Wheels

A nice set of wheels can rejuvenate the look of a vehicle. Increasing the diameter of the wheel, tire width and load ratings can boost the potential of a car or truck. But, what about tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) sensors?

Diagnosing Vibration Issues

Here is a primer on bent wheels, out-of-round tires and how to diagnose vibration issues.

Proper Lug Nut and Lug Bolt Replacement

by Sean Phillips If there’s one thing tire techs deal with more than tires, it’s lug nuts. There’s quite a bit of knowledge and technique that goes into dealing with lug nuts and lug bolts. They’re relatively small parts under extremely large forces, and they are absolutely critical to holding the wheel on your customer’s