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ANCO Releases 2020 Wiper Blade Application Guide

The 216-page guide provides details on all of ANCO’s products, including new part numbers for Contour and Profile beam wiper blade lines.

VIDEO: New Wipers Not Working? Did You Inspect The Wiper Arms?

If the spring inside is worn, it could cause streak and wiper chatter. Sponsored by Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper.

TRICO Introduces New TRICO Titan Ultra-Premium Beam Wiper Technology

Trico Products Corp. has just introduced TRICO Titan, a new precision-engineered wiper blade line made in the U.S., and featuring an all-new, exclusive Z7 blade treatment, engineered to boost wiper life.

VIDEO: Can Wiper Performance Interfere With Lane Departure?

Andrew Markel shows why streak-free wiper blades and a clean windshield are essential to the operation of such advanced safety systems as the lane departure warning.

TRICO Wiper Products Releases Video: ‘The Worst Defensive Driving Class’

The video puts an interactive spin on the “dreaded” defensive driving class. Viewers watch an overly eager instructor put unwilling students through a series of absurd driving simulations involving a pudding truck, blindfolded obstacle courses and ridiculous role playing.