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VIDEO: Digital Vehicle Software For Multi-Point Inspections

This software can give a technician a template and routine for an inspection. This video is sponsored by Mitchell 1.

VIDEO: How To Find Component-Level Wiring Diagrams Faster

The best place to start when performing diagnostics on sensors is the wiring diagram. This video is sponsored by Mitchell 1.

SUN Collision Repair Introduces Interactive Wiring Diagrams

The latest SUN collision Information software features wiring diagrams that connect directly to component information.

VIDEO: Check Wiring Diagrams Before Probing

If an electrical issue is confusing you, Andrew Markel says it is important to reach for wiring diagrams before reaching for a probe, to prevent unnecessary damage to wires and connectors.

VIDEO: Modern Wiring Diagrams

Andrew Markel shows how to navigate modern wiring diagrams faster by looking at more than just the wiring.