Tech Tip: Mitsubishi Front Brake Ringing Noise -

Tech Tip: Mitsubishi Front Brake Ringing Noise

Customers may complain of a high-pitch noise from the front brakes during a low-speed light brake application.

2001–’03 Mitsubishi Gallant with V6 engine built before July 23, 2002. Gallant, Eclipse and Eclipse Spider 4 cylinder built before July 23, 2002.

Customers may complain of a high-pitch noise from the front brakes during a low-speed light brake application.

Repair Procedure:
1. Apply the brakes several times after the rotors are warm, and then lightly apply the brakes while driving between 5-35 mph or 8 to 54 km/h. If the noise is high pitched or similar to the sounds of a rotor being turned on a brake lathe, replace both front brake caliper support brackets.

2. Remove the front wheels and tires.

3. Inspect the brake pads and rotors for glazing and replace or machine rotors, if necessary.

4. Remove the front brake caliper support bolts. Hang the caliper to the side, being careful not to pull on the brake hose.

5. Remove the caliper support bracket from the front knuckle assembly and replace it.

6. Reassemble the caliper to the support bracket. Apply a light coat of high-temp silicone to the caliper pins and support pin holes.

7. Lubricate and attach the rubber pin boots, and secure to their proper position.

8. Road-test the vehicle to verify proper brake operation and confirm that the noise has been eliminated.

Courtesy of Raybestos Brakes.

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