TrakMotive HD Xtreme CV Axles (VIDEO)

TrakMotive HD Xtreme CV Axles (VIDEO)

The HD Xtreme CV Axle program is designed to handle even the most extreme environments. Sponsored by TrakMotive.

CC: Extreme weather and rugged conditions can be extremely tough on today’s vehicles. This is especially true with work vehicles that are required to operate in the worst environmental conditions.

OE style CV axles function well in normal conditions but can be subject to premature wear and failure due to extreme cold, heat and rugged conditions.

TrakMotive offers a solution with the New HD Xtreme CV Axle program, which is specifically designed to handle even the most extreme environments.

Let’s talk about the internal product enhancements.

All HD Xtreme CV Axles incorporate special high strength 8-ball fixed CV outer joints engineered to reduce friction and wear characteristics for greater longevity and cooler operation which extends grease life.

This provides a perfect solution for fleets and vehicles that must operate regardless of weather conditions.

Premium thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) boots provide added protection against road debris and ice along with high strength stainless clamps for added corrosion resistance when exposed to road salt.

These premium TPE boots are designed to withstand exposure to extreme cold from: -58°F or -50°C to 478 °F or 248°C.

Additionally, special stepless ear clamps are designed to provide improved clamping force on the TPE boot to create a tighter, more reliable 360° optimum seal, even in the most extreme temperatures.

We also use specially formulated 7023B grease which is designed to resist the loss of lubricity in severe temperatures while still providing long life and resistance to thermal breakdown.

7023B axle grease maintains OE lubricant performance even in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°F and C° to 280°F or 140°C.

So, if you’re looking for improved dependability in extreme weather conditions for your work vehicle or fleet, look to TrakMotive HD Xtreme CV Axles for long lasting performance in even the most extreme conditions

TrakMotive HD Xtreme CV Axles are ideal for fleet applications and ride sharing / delivery vehicles like Uber, Lyft, Grubhub, DoorDash & more.

This video is sponsored by TrakMotive.

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