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TrakMotive Introduces 87 New Numbers

TrakMotive has announced the release of 87 new part numbers, which include automotive CV axles, ATV CV axles, drive shafts and CV intermediate shafts. These units are all in stock and ready to ship.

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According to Ryan Devoe, TrakMotive director of product management, AAP, “We are continuously developing new numbers on all our product offerings throughout the year. This ensures we are providing industry leading sales coverage to help our customers and professional technicians maximize any sales opportunities in the field.”

New numbers cover over 17.4* million part opportunities including:

• 55 Automotive CV Axles = 13.5* million sales opportunities

• 4 CV Intermediate Shafts = 115* thousand sales opportunities

• 15 Drive Shaft Assemblies = 3.8* million sales opportunities

• 13 New ATV CV Axles, including 6 HD applications

   *VIO Data

Learn More at or by calling 800-567-1608.

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