Turbocharged 6.4L Cummins Engine -

Turbocharged 6.4L Cummins Engine

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Tameless Diesel Performance has been serving the Asheville, NC community for 6 years now, providing a variety of quality automotive services. The shop mainly focuses on diesel repair and performance work, but also dabbles in gas applications from time to time, such as LS-based projects.

According to owner Aaron Reynolds, Tameless Diesel runs a four-bay operation with plans to upgrade soon to a 15,000 sq.-ft. facility. Even now, the shop has more than enough work coming in. With a chassis dynamometer in-house, the team is able to complete a range of tuning work for their customers as well.

Photo by Cheyenne Alexx

“We actually have the same chassis dyno that Ryan Milliken has, so we do a lot of tuning with him,” Reynolds says. “But, aside from that, we do all three of the Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax platforms – old and new. Occasionally, we’ll work on some heavy-duty stuff like Class-A trucks, but we mainly focus on pickups.”

Reynolds began his foray into the diesel world in 2008, when he purchased his first truck. Back then, he was building houses during the day and working on diesels at night. Now, he’s flipped businesses and builds trucks during the day and builds houses on the side. That switch gave him more time to work on performance builds, like his current race truck – a ’94 Dodge Ram 2500 with a turbocharged 6.7L Cummins engine.

The truck was originally bought from a friend, and then outfitted with a ton of new upgrades to regain its former glory. Reynolds said this is one of the “OG” Pro Street trucks that hit the track back when diesel racing boomed in the late 2000s.

The first step was dropping a new engine under the hood, and Reynolds settled on a 6.4L powerplant based off a 6.7L block. The Fleece Performance motor formerly sat under the hood of Ryan Milliken’s “Mini-Wheat” truck, until the long block was transferred to Reynold’s new ride.

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