Upcoming Livestream: Big Brake Kits and Braking Physics
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Livestream TODAY: Big Brake Kits and Braking Physics

Join Andrew Markel and the experts at Summit Racing for a one-hour livestream this afternoon at 1PM EST.

Getting excited about brakes can be difficult. The one brake modification that can create enthusiasm is a big brake kit. These kits typically increased the diameter of the rotor and the number of pistons in the caliper. The physics of these modifications can decrease stopping distances and reduce brake fade. In a one-hour Livestream sponsored by Summit Racing, Technical Editor Andrew Markel and the experts at Summit Racing will explore the physics of braking and how they apply to stock brakes and big brake kits. 


Students will learn: 

-How forward momentum is turned into heat energy that is dissipated by the pads and rotors.

-How the size of the master cylinder and piston area of the caliper influences the brake pedal feel and braking capabilities.

-How different rotor designs decrease the rotating mass of the brakes and drivetrain.

-How the coefficient of friction of the pads influences stopping distances.

-How the ABS, ESC and traction control systems use brakes to control the dynamics of the vehicle.

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