Using Social Media In Job Searches -

Using Social Media In Job Searches

Social Media allows you to illustrate a professional image, as well as your personality.

Social Media allows you to illustrate a professional image, as well as your personality.

Social media is everywhere – in your ­personal life, in the business world, and even in your job search.


That’s right, in your job search. If you aren’t utilizing social media while hunting for a job, you are missing out. Why? Social media enhances employers’ ability to find and interact with you, provides a personal branding opportunity, and allows you to showcase your talents.
In fact, in a recent CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 human resource professionals and ­hiring managers, 43% of employers said that they ­utilize social media in the hiring process. Furthermore, 23% found content that led directly to hire a candidate.
So….How do you maximize social media to help land the job?

Connect: Network. Network. Network. Review your current connections and take time to re-connect with anyone who may have valuable connections in your job search. Reach out to individuals with careers you’re interested in – it never hurts to strike up a dialogue and make a new connection.

Follow: If you’re interested in working for a specific company, follow the company page on LinkedIn. This will keep you updated on company news and job openings. Also, follow job boards you may be using. For example, if you’re interested in automotive jobs and utilizing AutoCare Career Hub, follow us on LinkedIn to keep a pulse on the new jobs that we post daily.

Specify: Provide a detailed work history with specifics and examples. You are more likely to stand out to hiring managers if you have a full and complete work history.

Get Involved: Jump in on industry conversations to showcase your passion and knowledge about your industry. Get your name out there!

#hashtag: Many employers use Twitter to broadcast their open positions. Search different hashtags such as #jobs, #jobopening or #sales. For example, AutoCare Career Hub uses #jobs, #hiring and #ACCH.

Search: Just like hashtags, you can simply search for words that are featured in Tweets. Search for key words that are applicable to your job hunt. For example, if I were looking for an Aftermarket Sales Manager position in Seattle, I would search ­“aftermarket sales” and “Seattle.”

Clean Up: Simple, but true ­– make sure your Facebook page is “Employer Appropriate.”
Review your Public/Private settings and confirm that you’re comfortable with what you allow page visitors to see.

Ask yourself, “Would I want a potential employer seeing/reading this?” The Internet can be your friend or foe … Be smart about it.

Update: Make sure your work experience is up-to-date. Many times people forget to update this section as they get caught up in sharing cute animal pictures or updating their status. Don’t forget to take a step back and view your profile as a third party would.

Like: Like the company Facebook page of the company you’re interested in to keep you in the loop.

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