Valvoline and Sears Auto Centers Partner for Auto Service, NASCAR Racing -

Valvoline and Sears Auto Centers Partner for Auto Service, NASCAR Racing

LEXINGTON, KY – Sears Auto Centers and Vavoline have announced that Vavoline will be the primary brand of motor oil offered at all 850-plus Sears Auto Centers.
“We build relationships with our customers at Sears one customer at a time,” said Kevin Carr, vice president of sales and operations for Sears Auto Centers. “With quality products like Valvoline, we’re helping our customers find solutions for their cars and their homes. And we are providing our customers with the brand the nation’s top mechanics use most often in their own cars and trucks.”
Customers at Sears Auto Centers have their choice of Valvoline motor oils based on specific driving habits and needs. Sears Auto Centers will feature Valvoline conventional premium motor oil changes. For customers wanting to extend the life of their vehicles, Sears will offer Maxlife motor oil for vehicles with more than 75,000 miles and Sears will offer Synpower synthetic oil for the ultimate in vehicle protection and performance.
“The combination of these two great brands is good news for car owners,” said Bob Craycraft, vice president of installer channel for Valvoline. “Consumers recognize Valvoline as a premium, highly recommended brand and they recognize that Sears offers premium brands and guaranteed service.”
Through its partnership with Valvoline, Sears Auto Centers will have a sponsorship presence on a NASCAR Nextel Cup car at various times over the next three seasons. Sears Auto Centers will be primary sponsor on Scott Riggs’ Dodge at Nextel Cup events at California and Atlanta this fall.

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