Choosing The Right Battery

VIDEO: Choosing The Right Battery

Finding the right battery for the vehicle's unique needs is vital for keeping your customers on the road. It's extremely important that your replacement batteries meet or exceed the requirements of the Original Equipment.

For our next tip, we’re talking about choosing the right battery for your customer’s vehicles.  Sponsored by NAPA.

Finding the right battery for the vehicle’s unique needs is vital for keeping your customers on the road. Having the right power ratings, battery size, and terminal position is extremely important and this information can be found easily in a battery application book or online application lookup. It’s extremely important that your replacement batteries meet or exceed the requirements of the Original Equipment.

However, as today’s vehicles have become completely integrated with electronic controls and devices, one should also consider the type of battery design they choose for their vehicle. In fact, it is projected by the year 2027, 60% of all new vehicles will have Start/Stop technology. There’s no question that those kinds of demands require more durability from vehicle batteries. It is important to find a battery with the right technology that delivers the right type of performance.

Absorbed Glass Mat, or AGM, batteries offer premium benefits such as faster recharging, more cycle life, and the power for many accessory loads. This makes them the perfect solution for today and tomorrow’s technologically advanced vehicles.

If a vehicle came with an AGM battery, it needs to be replaced with an AGM battery. Even if the vehicle did not come with an AGM battery, your customer may significantly benefit from a premium AGM design. AGM batteries are spill-proof, powerful, and vibration resistant, making them a great choice for batteries located under the hood or anywhere else in the vehicle.

Video courtesy Underhood Service.

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