VIDEO: Diagnosing Camshaft Timing Issues

VIDEO: Diagnosing Camshaft Timing Issues

With VVT, before turning nuts and bolts, be sure to check the oil. This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

How did Vikings send secret messages? Norse code.

Cracking the code can be an effective way of solving variable valve timing issues and often, the solution is oil.

If you find P0011 and P0021, camshaft position sensor “bank 1” and camshaft position sensor “bank 2,” codes, you should look at the VVT system for a fault and check the sensor as well.

The very first step you should take before turning nuts and bolts is to check the oil. Dirty oil and the lack of regular oil changes can leave a buildup of sludge or debris in the passages leading to the oil control valve that operates the VVT. If the oil is dirty and too much sludge accumulates at the valve ports, the sludge can be passed on through the cam and the valve assembly.

From there, the oil passages in the cam can be compromised and could result in a cam failure due to scored journals.

Another code P0521 -oil pressure sensor/switch range/performance–could also be an indication of the quality of the engine oil. In some cases, the code can also indicate that the wrong type of oil has been used. Lack of regular maintenance seems to be the big factor in most of these systems.

Unlike vehicles from yesterday where certain maintenance issues could often be neglected, newer engines and newer systems require careful attention. Stressing this point to your customers and performing the required basic maintenance according to the manufacturer’s schedule will safeguard their vehicle and increase your effectiveness.

This video is sponsored by The Group Training Academy.

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