WIX Filters Awards $51K To National FFA Chapters -

WIX Filters Awards $51K To National FFA Chapters

WIX Filters has awarded $51,421.25 to national FFA chapters through a box top redemption program in partnership with the National FFA Organization.

WIX Filters has awarded $51,421.25 to national FFA chapters through a box top redemption program in partnership with the National FFA Organization. The total 2017 box top submissions increased by 58% from 2016.

“The FFA initiative has always been a special one for me. I participated in FFA and it helped shape the person I am today,” said Jennifer Gibson, brand manager for WIX Filters. “I couldn’t be more proud that WIX has continued to build on the annual success of this program, and we thank every auto parts store, shop and local agribusiness purchasing WIX Filters. This program benefits the future leaders of our industry and we hope to see continual growth.”

Between February 1 and April 15, 2017, students in participating FFA chapters redeemed 185,685 WIX box tops for a donation from WIX of $46,421.25, or 25 cents per box top. In addition, five FFA chapters across the country each received a $1,000 bonus from WIX, bringing the total donation to $51,421.25.

As part of the program’s incentives, FFA chapters competed for five $1,000 bonuses in different categories, including most box tops redeemed overall and most increase in tops redeemed from the previous year. The five FFA chapters that earned a $1,000 bonus are:

  • Pendleton FFA, Oregon
  • Moses Lake FFA, Washington
  • Spud Growers FFA, Pennsylvania
  • Smyer FFA, Texas
  • Mount Vernon FFA, Washington

The 2018 program will run from February 1 to April 15, and students in participating FFA chapters across the United States can redeem WIX Filters box tops for a donation from WIX. All FFA chapters can complete a digital claim form online.


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