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Entries are now closed for the 2019 B’laster Instructor of the Year program!

Meet This Year’s Finalists!

Click, here, to meet our 2019 B’laster Instructor of the Year Finalists.


The Instructor of the Year program recognizes the automotive technology instructors at high schools, vo-tech programs and community colleges who think outside of the toolbox.

This is a self-nomination entry, so instructors must nominate themselves for the award by submitting a unique story and bio to Tomorrow’s Tech and B’laster through our nomination form. This is no time to be humble. We want to recognize your hard work and the positive impact your class has on your students.

To enter the Instructor of the Year program, tell us a story about an unconventional build, project or system that makes your classroom different. (Street cred’ for mentioning any B’laster products involved!) Don’t worry if you’re not a world-class writer, the Tomorrow’s Tech staff will help you perfect your story for print.

Each month Tomorrow’s Tech and B’laster will choose an instructor story to feature in the magazine and online. Seven instructor stories will be chosen from August 2018 through April 2019 and those instructors will be entered into the final round to be named the Instructor of the Year.

In March 2019, we will name the Final Four instructors and in May 2019, we will name the official B’laster Instructor of the Year.

The Winning instructor will be featured in a story written by Tomorrow’s Tech staff in the May 2019 issue of Tomorrow’s Technician. As the Instructor of the Year, you not only win a title no other instructor has ever held, but you also win a visit from B’laster and Tomorrow’s Tech to your school to celebrate you achievements and a some great prizes from B’laster for your classroom.


The winning instructor will receive:

  • A special visit from Tomorrow’s Tech staff and B’laster
  • An exclusive feature on the Instructor of the Year in the May 2018 issue of Tomorrow’s Tech, plus a video and web story about the Winner on tomorrowstechnician.com.
  • A donation from B’laster and Tomorrow’s Tech to the instructor’s auto program
  • B’laster products for the classroom
  • A one-of-a-kind B’laster Instructor of the Year trophy
  • All seven chosen instructors and their stories will receive national recognition on the Tomorrow’s Tech website and print edition, as well as through social media channels.

Contest Deadlines

Entries for the B’laster Instructor of the Year will be open year-round, until March 15, 2019.

Seven Winning Stories Announced:

2018: August – September – October – November

2019: February – March – April

Top Four Winners Announced: April 2019

Grand-Prize Winner Announced: May 2019

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