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T2U Course: Soft Skills Training

Vic Tarasik provides practical tips for students to follow as they start their career. Sponsored by NPW.

T2U Course: ADAS 101

In this course you will learn the theory and operation of ADAS systems and the sensors that make these systems function. This course is sponsored by Bosch.

T2U Course: Variable Valve Timing

Learn how VVT works, why it sometimes doesn’t and how to service the system. This course is sponsored by Cloyes.

T2U Course: Servicing a Tire Assembly

Properly servicing tires and wheels is essential to preventing customer comebacks and maintaining their satisfaction.

Tire Service Assembly - T2U Course
T2U Course: Vehicle Filtration

This course covers all aspects of vehicle filtration. This course is sponsored by WIX.

Vehicle Filtration - Wix Sponsorship - T2U Course
T2U Course: Today’s Wheel Bearing Technology

This course is designed to guide technicians in the diagnosis, specification & replacement of wheel bearings.

Wheel Bearing Technology - T2U Course
T2U Course: Meter Usage & Electrical

Approximate course time is 3 hours. This course is sponsored by T2U.

T2U Data Bus Diagnostics Course

Data bus electrical architecture common diagnostic procedures and case study illustrations are covered in detail.

T2U Hybrid Service & Repair Course

This course has been designed to give the knowledge and skills for both maintaining hybrid vehicles and the hybrid system.