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These multiple-choice quizzes will challenge your knowledge of basic and even advanced automotive systems and are based on ASE G1 test prep questions. The winners will be randomly selected from all correct entries each week. Entries must be received by midnight Sunday following each puzzle’s publication. Chances of winning are dependent upon the number of correct entries received. Employees of Babcox Media, Tomorrow’s Technician, sponsors and advertisers are not eligible to enter. Click here to view the contest rules.

Spoiler Alert! Help finding the answers to this week's Pop Quiz can be found HERE.

1. What are the fundamental differences between synthetic fluid and conventional DOT 3 and 4 brake fluid ?

2. Technician A says synthetic fluid might be able to last a little longer because the fluid can absorb more water before the fluid drops below a critical boiling point. Technician B says it is the additive package and environment that has the greatest impact on lifespan, no matter what type of base stock is used. Who is correct?

3. True or False: The higher the DOT classification, the higher the boiling point, meaning the better the fluid is at resisting heat.

4. Technician A says brake fade happens when the rotors get too hot. Technician B says brake fade is just an imaginary condition. Who's right?

5. Technician A says all brake fluids are compatible with each other. Technician B says DOT 5 brake fluid is made of silicone so it shouldn't be mixed with conventional fluid. Who is correct?

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