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Auto Care Association Launches Video Series on REPAIR Act

The video series features four lawmakers advocating for the REPAIR Act.

Dealing with Deposits to Boost Engine Life

Valvoline’s Restore and Protect fully synthetic motor oil helps both older, high-mileage vehicles (restore) and new vehicles (protect).

Registration Opens for 2024 PRI Show

The 2024 PRI Show will feature over 1,000 exhibiting companies; take place in Indianapolis Dec. 12-14.

Tool Intel: Wire Strippers/Crimpers

Take a look at the multi-faceted world of wire strippers and crimpers.

EVs Are Not Maintenance-Free

EVs may have fewer maintenance needs than their combustion counterparts but still have unique service needs.

The Importance Of Ongoing Automotive Training

Even after school, the need for continuing education is an important reality.

Is Hydrogen Key to Restructuring Aging Utility Grids?

Fuel cell generators can use stored energy in the form of on-site compressed hydrogen.

First Cars, Worst Cars, Next Cars

Your first car was the source of dozens of memories – did they help make you what you are today?

Piston Foundation Awards Scholarships to Aspiring Resto Techs

Foundation has now awarded 53 scholarships since the program’s inception in 2022.

Women in Auto Care Hits Record Scholarship Distribution

The group has distributed a total of 81 awards with an unprecedented value of $425,000.